Pregnancy Care

LDR Room With Waterbirth Tub

During the first three months of pregnancy, a women’s body undergoes various changes as the baby develops fast. She may notice and feel different, both emotionally and physically. Since every woman has a unique pregnancy, there is no right way to feel. Some may feel healthier and some may feel tired or sick to their stomach.

The early weeks of pregnancy is a time to make healthy decisions and it requires a continuum of personal and professional care for mother and the baby. At Fakeeh University Hospital, we provide a range of services starting from prenatal care, pregnancy care, to postnatal care.

FUH Antenatal Program for Pregnant Women

Antenatal or prenatal care focuses on preventive healthcare for soon-to-be mothers. During the antenatal program, a mother can learn how to care for herself and her baby.    

The Doctor Providing Antenatal Care Will

  • Schedule regular health check-ups for the mother and her baby
  • Provide medical advice, like how to have a healthy diet, get plenty of rest, and exercise sensibly for the baby
  • Discuss options for a birth plan and what to expect during labor, and delivery

It is advisable to begin the antenatal program as soon as possible, as good antenatal care is the key to a successful pregnancy and a healthy future for the baby.

Natural Delivery at FUH​

Some pregnant women decide not to use medication for delivery, depending instead on techniques such as relaxation and controlled breathing for pain. With natural delivery, the mother is in control of her body, usually with a nurse or midwife gently guiding and supporting her through the labor stages.

At Fakeeh University Hospital, the preferred approach to deliver a baby is the natural way. Doctors, with the support of a midwife, work together and help through the natural birthing process with much ease and comfort.

Birthing Centers

If the natural birthing process is not for effective, then Fakeeh University Hospital has birthing centers equipped with everything a doctor would need to deliver a baby. Our birthing centers include water birthing suites, an operating theatre (mainly for C-sections) on the same floor.

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