Achieving excellence through a quality Nursing Department

When you seek care at Fakeeh University Hospital, you will encounter professional nurses. They work in every setting within the hospital and out-patient department and all specialty areas. Our nurses are committed to providing outstanding care for patients, families, and communities.

Fakeeh University Hospital’s nursing excellence is based on a professional practice model that centers on you and your family. That core commitment is enhanced by a culture that values clear communication, diversity and inclusion, professional growth, and support for nursing’s voice in affecting meaningful changes to patient care and work environment.

Fakeeh University Hospital Nurses Fulfill Many Roles, Including​


The compassionate care offered by Fakeeh University Hospital nurses incorporates evidence-based best practices, research, and feedback from patients. Your nurses assess, evaluate, and monitor you, and they carry out many other responsibilities, such as taking your vital signs, and administrating medication. They listen to your concerns so that they can provide individualized care.


Fakeeh University Hospital nurses are health educators for patients, families, and communities.


Your nurse advocates for you and guides you and your family on your health care journey. Your nurse also co-ordinates with other members of the care team. Clinical nurses help prepare you for discharge from the hospital and transition to the next level of care.

Problem Solver

Professional nurses are trained to be proactive problem solvers in every care setting. This may involve co-ordinating the care of people with complex medical needs, assessing processes to enhance value and efficiency, anticipating a complication in a patient’s condition, and responding to unexpected challenges.


Nursing Department Governance Model​

The Nursing Shared Governance Model is an organizational model used in nursing divisions, consisting of a decentralized system of management in which nurses are granted a high level of autonomy.

At Fakeeh University Hospital, we are excited to start our journey with a nursing shared governance model that will enable nurses and nursing teams to experience:

  • Accessibility to nurse leaders through adapting an open-door policy
  • A self-scheduling platform to improve work-life balance
  • A nursing career ladder that promotes innovation, and clinical excellence
  • 180 and 360-degree evaluation during yearly appraisals with the availability of a career ladder

Other contributions of professional nurses at Fakeeh University Hospital, include:

  • Participating in shared decision-making on the unit and in departmental and organizational committees
  • Leading, participating in, and disseminating evidence-based nursing practices that yield safe, high-quality patient care
  • Partnering with interdisciplinary teams to drive change that improve patient care
  • Committing to process simplifications that remove barriers to excellent care
  • Implementing and using new technology to meet patient needs
  • Researching to improve patient care

Nursing Education Department – Training & Development

Being a university hospital, education is one of FUH’s main pillars. Training is not a luxury, but a significant element of being a healthcare professional. The science of medicine and nursing is extremely dynamic and to keep up with all the developments, the healthcare professionals need to spend ample time in educating themselves.

FUH has all the resources to enhance the constant development of nursing teams. An AHA advanced training center, skills labs, and accredited CME programs in combination with a state-of-the-art online competency system allows us to access the most up-to-date evidence-based practices.

The FUH Nursing Education and Training Center not only focuses on knowledge and skills, but also on being competent and having the right attitude.

We believe that going to work happy and comfortable is the ultimate component to guarantee excellence in patient-centered care.

Therefore, we value the development of social skills, stress management, and self-confidence. This is in alignment with the Nursing Shared Governance model. Over the years, with our Medical University and Nursing College, FUH Nursing Department will focus on fresh graduates and advanced specialty training for all fields in nursing.

Milestones in Nursing and Nursing Care​

Magnet Recognition Program is the gold standard given to hospitals for quality patient care, nursing excellence, and innovations in professional nursing practice. To achieve the Magnet Recognition, FUH Nursing Department must pass a rigorous and extensive review process , which requires profound contribution and commitment from leadership and staff.

The FUH Nursing Department has been working from day one to accomplish this recognition. For nurses, Magnet Recognition means development and professional advancement within the hospital and clinical environment, which can empower them and provide them with greater autonomy at the bedside.

Magnet Recognition provides a framework for excellence in patient outcomes, which benefits the whole organization. The Magnet culture creates an environment of partnership and co-ordination among the entire inter-professional team to transform care through collaboration, innovation, and quality patient care.

For patients, Magnet hospitals provide them with the absolute best and outstanding care, delivered by the most talented and competent nurses and inter-professional caregivers. Research demonstrates that Magnet recognition provides specific benefits to health care organizations and their communities, such as:

  • Higher patient satisfaction with better nurse communications, prompt availability of help, and quicker receipt of discharge information
  • Lower risk of 30-day mortality
  • Lower failure to rescue rates
  • Lower infection rates
  • Higher job satisfaction among nurses

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