Preventive Health Check-ups

Several years ago, people used to visit their doctor only when they fell ill. But today, preventative healthcare is becoming common as people get more educated about their health.

People are seeking medical advice on how to live healthily. They want to reduce the risk of various conditions by maintaining a healthy weight, diet, and level of physical activity.

Also, doctors are asking patients to get regular check-ups to help remain on top of their health. Patients are educated on the significance of prevention as a means of enhancing their well-being.

Regular health check-ups can help you locate any potential health problems before they become serious. When you regularly visit your doctor, he or she can detect health conditions early. Early detection will provide the best chance for you to get the proper treatment on time, avoiding complications later on.

Advantages of Regular Check-ups

  • Lower risk of getting ill
  • Early detection of potentially life-threatening health conditions
  • Increased chances of getting treatment and cure
  • Reduced risk of complications by closely monitoring current conditions
  • Increased life span and health
  • Lower costs of healthcare over time by avoiding expensive medical services
  • Good, fruitful partnership with your doctor
  • Updates on recent medical developments and information

A check-up usually includes a health history, physical examination, and medical tests. It is important to have a regular family healthcare provider, who makes sure you receive the care that is best for your individual needs

There are different types of check-ups for different age groups and patient categories. At Fakeeh University Hospital, we’re concerned about your health. It’s also a factor that impacts society at large. Hence, we have a range of services to offer you and your family.

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