Insurance and Billing​

Self - Paying Patients​

Fakeeh University Hospital’s policy requires that self-paying patients deposit the estimated cost of treatment prior to or at the time of admission. Cost estimates can be obtained from the Admissions Office prior to the admission planned. Payment can be made by cheque, cash, or by credit card.

Company Sponsored Patients​

If your treatment has been sponsored by your or your spouse’s employer, please inform the Admissions Office well in advance and ensure that all necessary authorizations and other documents are in order.

Once the guarantee of payment is submitted, the Admissions Office will confirm the coverage of the procedure after confirming with the management.

Insured Patients​

The hospital has arrangements for settling treatment expenses directly with all major health insurance companies. Most of the required planned treatment is to be pre-authorized to qualify for direct settlement. Please contact the Admissions Office well in advance with full details of your planned treatment and insurance coverage. They will let you know if your treatment has been fully approved by the insurers for direct settlement or not. Expenses not covered by insurance plans will have to be settled by the patient via cheque, cash, or credit card.


For more details about insurance please contact us

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