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VIP Suite - Patient Room

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A trip to the emergency room can sometimes lead to a prolonged hospital stay. Treatment of serious illnesses can involve comprehensive diagnostic tests, blood transfusions, and surgery. After these treatments, some patients endure long periods of rehabilitation services. When a service needs you to remain in the hospital for more than a day, it is categorized as an inpatient service.

Inpatient care is for patients whose condition requires admission. Mostly, patients get into in patient care from previous ambulatory care, such as a referral from a family physician or through emergency medicine departments. The patient becomes an inpatient after getting an admission note.

At Fakeeh University Hospital, Our Inpatient Services Include

  • Up to 350 bed capacity
  • VIP suite rooms
  • Birthing center, which includes water birthing suites and an operating theater. 


all patients receive a tablet in their room so they do not have to disconnect from their day-to-day life. The tablet includes entertainment like Netflix as well as allows patients to access their medical records, information about attending doctors and nurses, change room lighting, curtains, air conditioning temperature, etc. right at their fingertips. We make your stay more comfortable by offering infotainment. So that it’s a more friendly and comfortable place with easy access to doctors and nurses.

Birthing Center

At the heart of the birthing experience are the birthing centers or the labour, delivery and recovery (LDR) rooms. Each room has an evidence-based design, fully equipped for all kinds of births and manage minor medical events and procedures. It is fitted with life-saving resuscitation equipment for newborns in addition to a warmer.
What makes the birthing centers so unique is that all expecting mothers are provided with the care they need within the confines of one room; this includes labour, delivery and recovery. The advantage is that the mother does not have to leave the room for her delivery. Once settled in the room, it will be utilized for labour and birth, including recovery.”

Benefits of LDR rooms:

  • Mother does not leave the room for delivery
  • Baby is by the mother’s side from the time it is born
  • Fully equipped for all kinds of births
  • Can manage minor medical events and procedures
  • Is much safer in the pandemic era
  • Has equipment to provide newborn care
  • Creates a more comfortable and soothing environment
  • Has an evidence-based design

With the help of eight water birthing pools, Fakeeh University Hospital facilitates normal delivery with non-medicated labour and less pain during the first stage. It may also decrease the need for an epidural or other spinal pain relief and lowers the chances of stress incontinence post-delivery.

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