Inpatient Services

Inpatient Services​

VIP Suite - Patient Room

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A trip to the emergency room can sometimes lead to a prolonged hospital stay. Treatment of serious illnesses can involve comprehensive diagnostic tests, blood transfusions, and surgery. After these treatments, some patients endure long periods of rehabilitation services. When a service needs you to remain in the hospital for more than a day, it is categorized as an inpatient service.

Inpatient care is for patients whose condition requires admission. Mostly, patients get into in patient care from previous ambulatory care, such as a referral from a family physician or through emergency medicine departments. The patient becomes an inpatient after getting an admission note.

At Fakeeh University Hospital, Our Inpatient Services Include

  • Up to 350 bed capacity
  • VIP suite rooms
  • Birthing center, which includes water birthing suites and an operating theater. 

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