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At Fakeeh University Hospital, our emphasis is on health services measured by quality and satisfaction. Our highest priorities are excellent service and exceptional, compassionate care. Whether you’re a patient in our hospital, visiting a friend or family member, or have an outpatient appointment scheduled with a specialist, we want you to feel comfortable and welcomed.

An important part of this experience is how to get around the hospital. A medical facility the size of Fakeeh University Hospital can be better navigated with a clear understanding of the key features of the hospital.

The Building

  • The hospital building is made up of 2 basements, ground floor plus a 4-storey structure
  • It is easily accessible from Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Road and Al Ain Road
  • Has 2 full-featured ambulances
  • 1000 parking spaces can be found at the back of the main building

Healthcare facilities

  • Prime location: Strategically located within Dubai Silicone Oasis with easy access to other emirates, major highways, and airports
  • State-of-the-art-structure: A modern structure that won the LEED award, winning with more than 1000 parking spaces and a helipad
  • Pharmacy: End-to-end fully automated medication management system providing 24/7 services
  • Support services: Large central kitchen area attending to inpatients and staff members
  • High-capacity inpatient department: Spacious and high-quality inpatient single and double rooms, furnished with 300 beds, efficiently distributed across general and specialty wards

We deliver the best medical services at Fakeeh University Hospital for our patients through smart technology and academic prowess. Built on an integrated healthcare model, the hospital provides patient safety and quality care.

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