Face Glow Package

3 Sessions of Carbon Laser Peel for 1000 AED

There are many treatments available for enhancing your skin. Many people opt for face treatments to get the skin they want. Most of the face/skin treatments are effective, safe and generally do not require injections or surgery.

One such medical advancement is skin laser treatment. It provides your skin a natural glow and tightens your skin. It is a gradual and progressive line of treatment. Most laser treatments can last for years, if proper care is taken.

Usually, people take laser treatments for:

  • Fine face lines/wrinkles
  • Uneven skin tone/texture
  • Sun-damaged/burnt skin
  • Age-related spots and other age indicators
  • Acne scars/marks

Fakeeh University Hospital has a perfect package for your skin glow needs

  • Carbon Laser Peel

Package Price

3 Sessions of Carbon Laser Peel for 1000 AED

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