FUH Medical Network​

Key Strengths of the Fakeeh University Hospital Network​

Fakeeh University Hospital provides an exceptional opportunity for doctors to excel. We have a series of technological and educational initiatives that benefit you.

They include:

  • Next-generation app that streamlines the entire patient journey, offering a seamless patient experience – keeping you in control of your patient’s journey at all times
  • Access to Health Information Systems to keep you abreast with the latest developments in healthcare
  • A full-fledged and structured Continuous Medical Education program designed with your unique skills and career objectives in mind
  • Unlimited access to medical journals and publications – to help you enhance your competences and help you shine better
  • A thorough patient feedback mechanism to assist you in assessing your performance and provide for improvisations, if needed
  • A Dedicated Relationship Manager to manage your association, so that your interests are not compromised

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