Admission Guide​

Accommodation and Meals

Fakeeh University Hospital offers diverse grades of accommodation including VIP Suite, Suite, and Private Rooms. All rooms have en-suite bathrooms and are fully furnished with an infotainment system with international direct dial telephones, mini-fridge, and multi-channel satellite television. Please indicate your choice of accommodation to the Admissions Officer who will book it, subject to availability.

A wide choice of Arabic, Asian, and continental selections are available from the meal service. Vegetarian preferences and other special diets are also catered for. Patients’ meals are included in the room charge. Meals and refreshments for guests can be ordered at an extra charge.

On the Day of Admission

While most surgical patients are admitted on the morning of the planned surgery, some conditions require pre-operative preparations and anesthetic evaluation, which necessitate coming into the hospital a day earlier. Upon arrival, please proceed to the Admissions Office, which functions from 6:00 am to 8:00 pm, Saturday to Thursday. Friday admissions will be done through the Emergency Department. If the Admissions Office is closed, please proceed to the Emergency Department.

Personal Items

The hospital provides pajamas and dressing gowns. You may, however, wish to bring your own clothes, bedroom slippers, and toiletries. Clothing should be loose and preferably front-opening. We recommend that you leave all valuables items at home. Alternatively, a safe deposit box is available for use free of charge. Please contact the Nurse In-charge on your floor, should you wish to use this facility. Deposits of your items and withdrawals are possible during the working hours of the hospital administration.

For Mothers-to-be

It is best to pack a suitcase two weeks in advance, including two each of front-opening nightgowns, nursing bras, baby vests, baby gowns, mittens, and wrapping blankets.

You should provide copies of your passport/visa page/marriage certificate (both parents). All documents must be submitted to the Maternity or Post Natal ward clerks or nurses within 24 hours of delivery.

In case of NICU admissions for the baby, please contact the billing department as the standard maternity packages do not include such charges.


If for any reason you are unable to keep your appointment for an admission, kindly inform your doctor and the Admissions Office at least 24 hours in advance. Your co-operation will assist us in meeting the needs of other patients as well as avoiding cancellation penalties.

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