Health Webinars​


The good news is that in a crucial sector like healthcare, webinars are keeping medical professionals up-to-date on the latest innovations in their specialties. Webinars are also used to reveal the results of latest studies and find new applications for treatment methods or medications.
As part of its thought leadership initiatives, Fakeeh University Hospital conducts health webinars with its senior medical practitioners. This is an endeavor to spread knowledge among the medical fraternity that leads to better patient experiences.
Fakeeh University Hospital uses webinars to share knowledge, attract new customers, and hone internal processes. Webinars help to optimize the execution of care and streamline processes that support and enable efficient healthcare delivery.
Webinars can also aid to break down collaboration barriers, help in the growth of clinical discovery, address areas like compliance, education, patient audits, sales and budget impact models.

CME at Fakeeh University Hospital​

Becoming a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare specialist requires several years of education. However, the learning does not end after getting a license and board certification, it continues by way of continued medical education (CME).

CME is made up of capsules that aim to maintain, develop, or add the skills, knowledge, and professional performance that a healthcare provider uses to deliver services.

It can also include educational events that have been approved for CME credits, vital to physicians and practitioners. CME is important for health care professionals, because it makes it possible to learn and discover new, better ways to improve patient care.

CME facilitates healthcare practitioners to:

  • Gain skills required to deliver better patient care
  • Remain current with recent developments
  • Solve real-world problems that are faced by care professionals
  • Get professional growth and better career status
  • Meet the requirements of licensing/certification
  • Learn skills on efficient medical team management
  • Get membership in professional organizations

At Fakeeh University Hospital, we intend to provide CME programs for our medical fraternity on an ongoing basis. Our programs are structured around knowledge sharing and learning about new and developing areas of medicine, to benefit our medical professionals as well the hospital at large.

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