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With Us, be Assured of the Best Medical Care for Your Children

The FUH Child Health Department’s vision is to be a one-stop-shop for all pediatric patient’s needs from birth until 16 years of age. FUH is a baby-friendly hospital, promoting bonding between mother and child from the first minute of life, supporting mothers with exclusive breastfeeding if possible and educating parents about newborn care and safety.
Our NICU neonatal intensive care unit, highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art equipment provides additional support and treatment, if the newborn requires it, while keeping the bonding and involvement of parents through education and kangaroo care.
Our Well-baby/Child Clinics will provide anticipatory health visits at regular intervals throughout the first 6 years of their life, focusing on the health promotion model, monitoring our pediatrics patient’s physical, developmental and mental health.
The focus during our clinic visits will be on lifestyle modification and prevention to promote health, and integrating different modalities of treatment such as diet and exercise, rather than relying on allopathic medications and the overuse of antibiotics.
As we promote the vaccination schedule recommended by WHO, CDC and DHA, we recognize that many concerns surround vaccinations, and we plan to give ample time and information to empower parents to make the right decision about their child’s vaccinations.
Our Neuro Development Clinic attends to the needs of children with determination, providing assessment and treatment for children with Autism, ADHD, speech delay, developmental delay, dyslexia, learning difficulties and childhood behavioral disorders.
We run disease specific clinics such as asthma, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric cardiology and pediatric nephrology. Our pediatrics team is ready to treat the entire spectrum of pediatric conditions, from gastroenterology (constipation, reflux and feeding difficulties), to allergies (food allergies, seasonal allergies and asthma), to neurology (headache, poor focus), to endocrinology (growth and puberty problems).
The pediatric department at FUH is ready to care for pediatric patients 24/7 by an experienced team of ER doctors, pediatricians and nursing staff. We keep parents informed about hospital admissions, through difficult times, ensuring continuity of care by the same physician, a safe environment and promoting healing through play. 
The FUH pediatric clinic runs a unique Functional Medicine Clinic focusing on addressing the root cause of the disease, rather than treating the signs and symptoms of the disease. 
Parents will have access to their child’s health information through the FUH health app, which will make it easier to communicate with their health care providers.
Telehealth visits will be available as well to ensure accessibility and convenience for our busy parents. We aim to make our little patient’s treatment journey at the hospital as convenient as possible, stress-free and safe and our state-of-the-art pharmacy is an integral part of this journey. 

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