Dental Screening Package

Dental or oral hygiene is as important as taking care of any other part of our body. In today’s time, when our lifestyles are hectic, ignoring dental hygiene may lead to further health problems. Especially as now we wear a mask most of the times and our eating habits are far from ideal, it paves way for greater dental issues.

In such a scenario, it is vital to get a dental screening done once every 6 months (or as recommended by your dentist).

Fakeeh University Hospital can be your partner in good oral hygiene. Avail of our Screening Package and understand where your dental health stands at. Our dentists will evaluate you and guide you further on maintaining oral hygiene, possible oral problems, diet recommendations and other procedures, if required.

Book today and avail the following package

  • Doctor Consultation
  • Full mouth screening
  • Cleaning (upper & lower)

Package Price

AED 750

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