FUH Life Cafe

Fakeeh University Hospital cordially invites all new mums for a session of FUH Life Cafe. It is a fun and light post-partum/post-natal support group meeting for mothers with a baby less than a year old.

FUH LIFE Café is a part of the FUH Life Parenthood Program. It aims to solve any & all queries that new mothers have. It also enables meet and greet with other mothers, to share experiences and baby care tips. 

Even if you have not delivered your baby at Fakeeh University Hospital, you are welcome to join the Cafe Session with us. The Group is open to all mums with a baby less than a year old. 

Event plan

  • Meet up with fellow new mums
  • Share your experiences
  • Gain support within the group

Who are the experts?

The Cafe Session will be conducted by experienced Midwives, Women & Child’s Health Consultants & a Clinical Dietitian.



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