Dr. Szabolcs Papp

Laparoscopic bariatric and upper GI surgery​

Dr. Szabolcs Papp​

Contact Info

+971 4 41 44444

Designation: Consultant General Surgeon
Specialty: Laparoscopic bariatric and upper GI surgery
Languages: English and Hungarian

Core Competencies

  • All laparoscopic surgeries, minimal invasive surgeries, open abdominal surgeries (gall bladder)
  • Weight loss surgeries (Sleeve gastrectomy, Gastric bypass different types, revisions), non – surgical weight loss treatment Elipse balloon placement
  • Abdominal trauma surgery, polytrauma case surgical management
  • Emergency abdominal case management (laparoscopic appendix, perforations, bowel obstructions)
  • Comprehensive proctology care (hemorrhoids, fistula, anal fissure)
  • Laparoscopic hernia surgeries (ventral, inguinal, postoperative hernia)
  • Thyroid surgery

Brief Profile

  • Dr. Szabolcs Papp has 20 years of experience in general, laparoscopic, thoracic, and bariatric surgery. He started his career in Hungarian Public Healthcare and achieved his Consultant grade in Hungary. Later, he moved to the UK and gained 4 years of experience in the UK.
    He performs all kinds of thoracic and general surgery operations and prefers minimal access surgery like laparoscopic and video thoracoscopic procedures, interested in colorectal and robotic surgery. He has 15 years of experience and practice in bariatric surgery.
    He is a quick surgeon and can perform procedures in a very short time with the assurance of safety, but relatively quick operations are most important to him. Dr. Papp is keen on finding a suitable surgery for the appropriate patient.
  • As a Bariatric Consultant surgeon, he has performed many safe and successful surgeries all over Europe and in the Middle East. As he says, “Bariatric treatment is teamwork, long process, needs big effort from patients and team members also. A successful weight loss program doesn’t mean only surgery! It needs a dietician, gastroenterologist, physicians, psychologist, and experienced anesthetist.”
  • Dr. Papp is committed to providing excellent surgical care and a fan of advanced laparoscopic and minimal access surgeries.
  • Below are some of his professional memberships: 

– GMC UK registration with specialist registration
– IFSO membership


  • Medical University of Pecs, Hungary 1992 – 2000
  • Hungarian CCT – Consultant General Surgeon

Nationality: Hungarian

Number of Years of Experience: 21 years