Dr. Samir Issa

Vascular Surgery

Dr. Samir Issa

Contact Info

+971 4 41 44444

Designation: Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Specialty: Vascular Surgery
Languages: English, Arabic

Brief Profile

Dr. Samir Issa practiced as Consultant of Vascular Surgery for the last several years in major hospitals of Saudi Arabia where he performed a large number of Varicose Veins Treatments and operative vascular surgery procedures. 

Member of teaching staff in Canada (University of Alberta – Edmonton, University of Aleppo – Syria, and AlFaisal Univeristy, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia). Associate Professor of Surgery and Anatomy.

Licensed in the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Dubai. Has several significant key publications in organ transplantation and vascular surgery.


  • Certified in General Surgery
  • Certified in Vascular Surgery
  • Certified in Endo Vascular Surgery
  • Certified in Organ Transplant Surgery
  • Masters in Human Biology and Anatomy


  • Vascular consultation
  • Coloured duplex scan
  • Endovenous Laser / RF Varicose veins treatment/ Spider vein treatment/ Venous insufficiency
  • Hemodialysis and Chemotherapy access
  • DVT/ SVT
  • Peripheral Vascular diseases/ Non invasive vascular lab
  • Diabetic foot