Doctor Visit at Home​

It can be difficult getting to the doctor when you don’t drive anymore or you’re struggling with a serious medical condition. This can cause missed appointments and a lack of adequate care.

In these circumstances, home visits make it easier for everybody to get medical attention, bringing routine exams and diagnostic tests to the home of a patient. This is referred to as home – based medical b care. It happens when doctors, nurses, physician assistants and other care provide rs visit and treat patients right in their homes

With our busy lifestyle today, at – home doctor service is becoming popular. Not only does the doctor on call service save time, but you can also conveniently book online.

At Fakeeh University Hospital, our family doctors visit patients at home to review their
health status, recommend diagnostics, formulate a treatment plan, and refer them to a specialist, if needed. The doctor can suggest if a particular treatment is suitable to be administered at home.

You can request for doctor visits under these circumstances:

Regular home visits from a doctor with a focus on providing preventative care could help keep you or your loved ones healthy and avoid medical complications resulting from frequent hospitalizations. The convenience of doctor visits at home has various benefits. It eliminates the avoidable hassles of scheduling, arranging transportation, and waiting room stress.

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